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Take a Seat

The outdoor season is in full swing. An outdoor bench is the perfect accessory for gardens, porches or anywhere else you may need extra seating. There are numerous options available to select from.
oDecorative back – Often times benches have the standard slatted back, but nowadays there are more decorative options. There are curved and arched designs along with decorative details incorporated into the backs.
oFinish – Select a finish to complement your existing colors and d├ęcor. Play with the color elements in an outside garden. Pull a hue from a colorful planter or a classic color used on a door or shutters. There are many options available in painted or weathered finishes to fit right in.
oComfort Factor – Cushions can easily be added to benches for extended comfort and seating along with pillows for a fun vibe that can change out with the seasons.

  Invite friends and neighbors to converse and stay awhile with your summer seating!

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