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Piece by Piece

Adding accessories to a space helps to complete a room and give it a finished appearance. It can be done all at once, but don’t feel like you must rush the overall process. It’s nice to fill in spaces with accessories as you locate them. They can come from several different places over time. They help tell a story inside your home and represent who you are. Traveling is a great way to collect accessories for a room. Try to avoid getting typical tourist attraction gifts and look for unique pieces from a local store or vendor that ties into the journey. If it happens to be in your room’s accent color, even better! Selecting meaningful accessories doesn’t have to require extensive travel. Try looking within family circles to see what is available and who is willing to share. That colorful vase from a grandmother could be the missing piece on the console table! Not only does it help provide balance but it’s also a nice touch to have family mementos in a space. It brings a sentimental feelin…

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