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Sleeper Pick

In the midst of the holiday season and guest over flow it’s always nice to have areas on hand for guests to relax. Not everyone has the luxury or space for a guest room. The next best thing is to create a space that can work when needed to house the extra overnight guest or two. Selecting a sofa with a mattress provides flexibility to have a living space but also an extra bed if needed.    Sleeper sofas offer numerous options to fit and work within any space. A twin sleeper can pull out from a chair and half. Sofas and sectional sleepers can offer full, queen or king mattresses as options. Determine how the space is to be used and select the appropriate size furniture for the room. Be sure to consider the overall depth when the sleeper mattress is unfolded to provide ease of use for you and guests.    When selecting a sleeper sofa it is important to sit on the furniture piece with the mattress folded into it. Different mattresses and frames offer varying support levels of firmness an…

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