Dashing Through the Store

The dash is on to get those last minute gifts in time for Christmas. For the reliable friend, neighbor or co-worker, it’s always nice to give something small just to show your appreciation and thoughtfulness. The gifts don’t have to be extravagant and in fact there are some great options to still come in under budget and leave you extra savings for that future bathroom or kitchen renovation you have been dreaming of!

A decorative candle is a simple and classic gift. It’s great for hosts and hostesses to use while entertaining or for people to enjoy during those dark winter months. A nice warm glow is sure to put anyone’s mind at ease. With the numerous designs, styles and scents now available, it can be a nice gesture for any guy or girl in your life.  


A cute set of appetizer plates, bowls, drinking glasses or napkins make wonderful options for anyone who loves to have people over and put their culinary skills on display. The serving ware usually becomes multi-purpose and can be used numerous times throughout the year. A gift that keeps on giving!

If you know the person well or are looking to form a custom gift, creating a simple ornament with a monogram or personal touch is always a great idea. Utilize their favorite colors and hang from dressy ribbon to tie in with the holiday spirit. Or put together a decorative glass jar with a few of their favorite things to show them you care and know what they truly like.

Gift giving is a lot like design. You want the gift to be timeless and something your gift receiver will enjoy for years to come. A gift that touches the person and reflects who they are and something that has a nice presentation that can be displayed proudly in the home while blending with their existing décor.


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