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Our top tips on how to spruce up your space without spending a lot of money! Sprucing up your space to feel new without spending big bucks can be difficult to decipher. Maybe you are wanting to sell your home soon, or it just needs a face lift. There are ways to do so without spending a ton of money on a kitchen or bath renovation. So let's look at the ideas: 1.) Paint. Paint is the number one way to not only make rooms coordinate with each other, but also give the space a face lift. If you plan to move, I suggest more neutral colors. If you are planing on staying in the space, maybe to a pop of color or even a wallpaper to really jazz it up! 2.) Hardware. Hardware in the kitchen & bathrooms can really date the spaces. Upgrade to something more updated. Each piece can be $4-$8 but can completely change the room. 3.) Decor. An easy way to change up any space is new decor pieces. New throw pillows, new artwork, throw blankets & small accessories. First pick a color scheme you

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