Fabric Fun

   An easy and fun way to add texture, color and pattern to a space is through fabrics. They can be used in a variety of ways. Let’s look at some of the ones that will make the biggest impact!

·        Pillows – These can implement an instant pop of color and pattern into a room. Fabrics come in an array of designs, prices and levels of durability to meet anyone’s needs. Pillows don’t require a lot of yardage so even if you find a fabric you love at a higher price it can be worth the splurge!
You can also work with a variety of shapes. With square, rectangular, rolled, lumbar and round inserts available there’s plenty of combinations
to create; as seen in a playful guest room we pulled together for a client.

·        Drapery – One of the finishing touches to a space. There are so many options available not only in pattern but the style and design you select. The style chosen will determine how much of a fabric or pattern is actually displayed when hanging.
Depending on the area, you can use different textures to create a casual or dressy vibe. A soft linen material or a ticking stripe can exude a relaxing feel. A solid velvet or beautiful silk instantly appears more formal.

·        Furniture – Another great way to customize and make your space truly unique. Many manufacturers allow for a COM order, meaning Customer’s Own Material. This is a fantastic option for those who want to have endless possibilities on fabric. Even incorporating a unique pattern on an accent chair can bring interest to a space.
If you’re new to the COM mindset, start small. Try changing out the seat cushions on dining chairs, bar stools, ottomans, or a family heirloom like the vanity bench we did here.

        As we continue to encourage inspiration and jumping into your on-hold design projects this year, don't be afraid to make the change. Dive into reviewing fabrics and let the excitement build for the numerous options offered. We're always available if you need assistance in coordinating fabrics together or determining what pattern should be utilized where. Feel free to drop us a line and inquire about our services.
        If you have taken on one of the custom fabric categories mentioned above, please don't hesitate to share pictures. Your photo could give another reader the motivation they need to take the leap into the fabric realm!


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