Mirror Mirror

     The extended days inspire us to do more with our time into the evening hours. Perhaps extra time to design and decorate? A time to get our homes just right. A great way to play on that vibe is to utilize a decorative mirror. They serve a wonderful purpose all year round but can really reflect the extra light throughout the day making your space feel larger and more open.
     The standard wall mirrors are available in many different sizes. The shapes are kept simple in being round, rectangular or square. They reflect any and everything that they are displayed across from.
     Decorative mirrors provide a different look and feel. They can come in the same shapes listed above but also more unique shapes and designs to turn into a more eye-catching piece. Instead of the regular reflective glass insert, decorative mirrors can also have a different appearance such as antiqued, frosted or a crackled style glass. They will still reflect fragments of light, but also demand more attention when placed in a room.
     Floor/leaner mirrors are most popular in bedrooms. They are an upgrade from the over the door mirrors. They are functional on a daily basis to view full wardrobe reviews prior to leaving. They can also be used in an entry or living room, but they do require a sufficient amount of space.
There are so many different shapes and styles of mirrors to select from. Look around and see which areas you think would benefit from receiving extra light and give one a try! Drop us a note or a photo to show where you’ve placed a mirror that benefits you and your space. Embrace those reflections!


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