April Showers Bring May Flowers

     Flowers represent new growth and a change of scenery. A great medium to work with during the month of May. Whether you select real or artificial flowers they are sure to brighten up any space. A few places that help put your fresh finds on display:

  Centerpieces – Grouping a bunch of flowers in a simple and clean vase works well on a table, coffee table or island. They do not have to be overly large. Neutral flowers blend softly into the décor while a colorful bunch draws more focus and fun to the space.

    Porch/Patio/Living Room – Any area where you have seating and people gathering together can make for a great spot to incorporate flowers. The porch and patio are always standard, but don’t be afraid to bring in a colorful flower pot or container and show it off in an empty corner of the room or elongate a sideboard with a nice finishing touch of a floor vase filled with tall florals.

  Wreaths – Such a simple way to add instant cheeriness to an entry door or any door in the home for that matter. Changing up the standard placement of wreaths helps you think outside of the box. What about incorporating it into your centerpiece on the table? Or hanging it on a wall inside your home? Balance it out with other artwork or find a space for it to stand alone.

Seasonal changes don’t have to be drastic and expensive. A handful of items placed in well seen spaces can form instant impact and brighten your day. I hope your home blossoms with beauty throughout the season!


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