Summer Sun

The summer sun is intense. It’s been repeatedly said to use sunscreen to protect oneself from the damaging rays, but have you thought about protecting your home’s interior as well? Direct sunlight into a space can damage and fade your possessions over time.

1.     Floors – This is a big one. For any homeowners with hardwood material, the sun slowly fades the color of the stain over time. While people utilize rugs to help protect their floors, this will also leave a noticeable rug outline in the areas of the room that aren’t covered. There is exterior window glass that can help protect your home’s interior from receiving a lot of rays throughout the day. A better defense that can be paired with the protective windows are window treatments. They help to filter the light that enters the room and lessen the impact of damage caused by the sun.

2.    Fabrics – Furniture and pillow fabrics are most susceptible to obvious fading and wear from sun exposure. Especially bright vibrant patterns that can’t maintain their bold hues due to the constant contact. The good news is there are a lot of fabrics nowadays to accommodate for the sunlight and deliver a longer life on fabrics.

3.    Art – Artwork is prone to exposure from the sun at all different angles throughout the day. Specialty pieces or expensive pieces are sometimes best used framed behind a museum style glass. The glass has a special coating that eliminates the majority of UV light that can cause fading of a print.
          It’s nice to let the sun in, but there are ways to contest it’s damaging rays and protect your investments for years to come!


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