Golden Touch

   Becoming more prevalent and continuously being welcomed back into homes nowadays is the gold hue. Appreciated for it’s warm tones and ability to softly blend with other metals has made the finish draw attention and demand from clients looking to stay on trend.
   Implementing gold hardware and faucet fixtures creates a nice accent in the room without being too overpowering. It sets itself apart from the dark and brushed nickel finishes that have been popular for quite some time.
   To create a little more attention and drama, hang a light fixture with a gold finish. It can dominate the room and set the tone for the space as the fixture is seen from many different areas.

  Another avenue to introduce touches of gold to change a room is to locate accent metals on furniture. Such as metal accent tables in a living room or an accent chair that has metal legs.
  Design and style are forever changing. Some trends stick around to develop into a classic design whereas others end up being just that; trendy. Don’t be afraid to try new styles. It helps to keep spaces updated and refreshed. Start small and introduce the finish in a few ways. Even a small accessory on a table or bookshelf can help get you thinking about what direction you want to head in. Never stop trying new things, but most importantly always surround the spaces you love with things you love!


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