Sleep Tight

    It’s never a bad idea to curl up under your bedding and embrace the extra time on those weekends that go by too fast. What exactly creates that comfortability of not wanting to leave? The bedding and materials you surround yourself with play an important role in your desire to stay in bed a little longer.
    One of the stars in the room, the headboard receives careful consideration. It can be stylish and fun. Sleek and modern. Rustic and solid. The possibilities are endless. Consider how the headboard is to be used. If it’s sole purpose is to look good, you have free range on what to select. If it’s something to lean against while reading a book or watching TV, a cushioned fabric or leather back will provide more comfort. A low back headboard will provide more opportunity for larger pieces of art and versatility as it can be easier to position a bed under a window with a low-profile headboard.
   Let’s consider the coverings on the bed. Bedding creates that instant cozy factor. There are numerous fabrics, colors and patterns available to suit almost every taste out there. The real decision comes down to the style of bedding desired. There is the comforter, which is usually the thickest and fluffiest of the bedding toppers. The duvet is like a pillowcase for your comforter. You can easily change out the colors and patterns on the outside, while using the same comforter inside the duvet for years.  Bedspreads offer a little weight along with more intricate threading designs. They can be paired with a comforter to incorporate further layering options but are able to stand alone in a room and make their own statement.
   Last but definitely not least is the ever-important sheets selection. They are the first material to feel when slipping under the covers and can affect your overall quality of sleep. Generally, the higher the thread count is on a sheet set, the softer it is and the more likely it will wear well and possibly soften more over time.   Companies have experimented with many different fabrics to gain the best result. Some promise to wick away sweat while you sleep, others claim to remain wrinkle free. With a little bit of research, you can narrow down your selections and try a couple of sets. After a little trial and error, once you find the right ones it never hurts to stock up on a couple of sets to last until it’s time to refresh all the bedding again. Sleep tight!


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