Falling into a Routine

As the first official day of Autumn has been checked off the calendar, most of us are back into our daily routines of work and school. Farewell to the long, leisure days of summer until next year as we always seem to switch gears as seamlessly as the seasons.

The best way to ensure a smooth transition into busier schedules is to implement organization into your daily routine. It will provide for simpler mornings and evenings when everything has it’s place. Let’s look at some of the primary spaces to create organizational bliss so you don’t have to go through everyday with, “where did I put that?”

1.    Entry / Mudroom
This is a very busy area of the home that sees a lot of foot traffic, shoes, coats, papers, mail, etc. Make it a functional space to suit your family’s needs while still incorporating design details to coordinate with the rest of your home. Your entry is the first thing guests see so don’t be afraid to combine function with fabulous!

Consoles - There are many great consoles and tables that offer doors and drawers with hidden storage. Utilize the interior cabinets with baskets and dividers based on your needs. Labels are always helpful to guide all family members to take part in having an organized space.

Runner – A chance to bring color and pattern into the space, while also serving the purpose of catching dirt from foot traffic and the outside.
Find runners that are easy to keep clean and offer you the versatility you need. Think outside the box. Carpet squares come in an abundance of patterns and colors. You can create your own size and shape that’s unique to the space. The best part is you can easily pick them up and wash them off to keep them looking like new.

AccessoriesSomething that welcomes you home every day. Grouping together colorful accents or utilizing decorative boxes and baskets helps provide you with a complete entry of aesthetics as well as function. Use those boxes to hold extra papers or mail. Baskets are great during the cooler months to house gloves and scarves. A cute tray or bowl is a perfect accent for holding keys. There are many items that can be used beyond their traditional function. Don’t be afraid to experiment and use pieces in new ways!

2.   Office / Command Center
Nowadays most families have a place in the home to sift through paperwork, incoming and outgoing mail, bills and numerous other files that enter our homes daily. Nothing will prove to be more beneficial than an organized office and command area. It will also help in keeping the entry free from clutter.

FilesThese are great in so many ways to keep documents and paperwork organized. There are several different options for files, but it’s best to really think about the ease of use and their purpose. For the entry areas, when you need a quick organization station to separate bills, magazines and possible schoolwork papers; it’s best to have open files for instant access. If it becomes a chore to open a box file and sift through folders, chances are the paperwork will pile up daily as it’s a task that can be done later. Utilize the numerous colors and metals they have available for filing. Wall files provide a casual look while making it quick and easy access for everybody. At the end of each week, important papers and documents can be filed in further designated areas, but can provide you with the opportunity to stay organized all week even when you’re on the run and those weeknights get super busy.

Cork Boards – A simple way to quickly scan and review upcoming events. Utilize cork boards in a way that ties in with your style and colors. Adding a decorative fabric and ribbon help take away from the traditional look of a standard office cork board. Have fun with decorative push pins and clips to hold those invitations and mailings. Just remember to go through the board weekly and monthly to avoid it becoming too cluttered and filled with events and happenings that already took place. Keep it current and it can be an easy go-to for everyone to reference and note important upcoming dates on the calendar.

Bins & Trays – Don’t underestimate the power of small bins and decorative trays. They help to corral and streamline clutter while keeping things easy to grab. Some small bins and trays work hand in hand with cork boards and can be attached to hold additional push pins, pens & pencils, rubber bands, clips, etc. to make posting your important details that much easier.

3.   Kitchen / Nook
A place for your family to gather to start and end the day. Notably, one of the most used areas of the home. It makes sense to create design and organizational friendly items into this space for less hectic mornings and more relaxing evenings.

TraysA versatile piece for this space. It can be used to group together plates and glasses, so breakfast items and dinnerware are at your fingertips. Use them for that morning coffee station so everything is in one place. A nice touch on the counter for the everyday cooking staples, such as oils, and salt & pepper shakers. Grouping together like items and being able to transfer them quickly makes trays a wonderful addition to any kitchen. The possibilities are endless!

Decorative Jars – These are always nice to have on the counter for ease of use. They can be used next to the stove to hold cooking utensils. A unique way to display food you use quite a bit. For the baker’s, holding different staple ingredients. For family and friends, they can serve as cookie and candy jars. Filling them with fruits of the season is another way to incorporate natural color into your kitchen. Lemon and limes during the summer. An array of apples for fall. Anything to fill the jars that’s easy to grab will serve as both fun and functional.

Large BowlsThey are always needed in a kitchen for cooking and baking, but are not the easiest to store if you’re short on cupboard space. No worries! Having large bowls in accent colors or patterns are perfect to be used for display. You can fill them with fruits and vegetables or portable snacks to grab on the way in or out the door. They can also hold kitchen towels or napkins to have at the ready. Never overlook the power of a beautiful bowl!


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