Inside Out

     The cooler temperatures are here to stay but don’t overlook the opportunity to utilize your outdoor areas as additional space to host and entertain. Take advantage of what you have and create a cozy spot for conversations and friendly gatherings.
     In order to create a welcoming atmosphere with an outdoor area it’s important to utilize design basics to allow the space to work for you and your guests.

     First things first, conversation areas are what keep people talking! A grouping of furniture instantly creates the perfect foundation for guests to sit and be present with one another. A combination of lounge seating with tables and chairs creates versatility for different forms of hosting. Whether it’s a dinner party or a casual evening with cocktails you can be sure to have it covered.
     Second, never forget the ambiance and beauty of lighting. Hanging lights such as garden lights adds a touch of whimsy to any evening as the days continue to get shorter. Various forms of candles provide a warm and romantic glow. A combination of pillar candles in clear and colored holders along with votive candles can play off your interior colors or the palette of the season. Of course, if you have the room, a bonfire creates the greatest glow while offering warmth during those chilly nights.
     Third, texture is never out of fashion. It creates a balance in any space sure to put guests at ease. Adding area rugs to the conversation grouping not only anchors the gathering space but can invite patterns and colors as well. Layering indoor/outdoor pillows meant to hold up to the elements can achieve the same effect. A personal favorite, having blankets easily accessible and in view displays another element of texture and warmth. They extend the life of a party by encouraging those outdoor conversations to linger a little longer.
     Good design creates welcoming and functioning spaces all around us. Key elements and balance are significant factors to a great design. Never stop changing and refreshing your spaces to suit your needs. The more specific an area is designed to fit your lifestyle, the more likely you’ll use it and find new ways to fall in love with your home.


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