Be Our Guest

Tis the holiday season! One of the challenges many of us face is playing host at one point or another during the busy month ahead. Nothing makes a guest feel more at home than a pulled together guest room. Below are some quick tips on having your guest room holiday ready!

1.     Details - The little things matter. Create a room that offers balance along with a touch of whimsy. Tie in some holiday touches from around the house but be sure not to go overboard. You want the room to remain a place for your guests to come to unwind, relax and sleep. Take a few minutes to sit in the room and do a quick scan. If you were at a hotel or friend’s place, what would you like to have readily available without having to ask?

2.    Layers – Offer multiple blankets, between light and heavy so guests can find their own level of comfort. Mix solids with playful patterns to keep the space welcoming, light and fun.

3.    Window Treatments – Be aware all guests sleep differently. Some are up before the sun, others prefer to be late risers. In any case, windows that have layering provide varying levels of privacy. Room darkening shades create a dark sleep environment where your guests won’t have to worry about being disturbed by daylight filtering through until they open the shades to let the light in.

4.    Convenience – Group together standard needs for any guests on a pretty tray or table. Include toiletries, charging stations & reading material along with snacks and bottled water for guest to feel completely taken care of.

5.    Accessories – A few holiday pillows, colored, decorative (flame-less) candles or twinkle lights and accent furniture such as a small chair or chaise to create a reading space will help the room to reach it’s full potential. While casting a warm glow, it can be utilized for many purposes. It’s just a matter of trying to determine what’s the best use of that space now and into the new year. Stay versatile and design will become easier when you adjust with the situation and focus on the main purpose for each room.


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