Seat Yourself

   Entering the holiday season, we embark on several busy months ahead hosting friends, families and other guests. You never want to be short on seats for people who may drop in during the holidays. Always be prepared and you can welcome them with open arms and a seat!
   Seating plays a large part in design. There are the typical standard seats every home has with a sofa or sectional, possibly a love-seat and likely an accent chair or two. During the holidays, seating is looked at closely as people begin to ponder how they are going to accommodate for a large crowd.
   The key to great design is to allow for versatility within any space, especially with seating. Below are three additional seating options that can quickly be added to your holiday shopping list and your living space.

 1.     Comfortable dining chairs or host/hostess chairs with cushioned seating are a wonderful option. They allow for seating at the table, but when needed can be pulled into a living room or conversation area for guests to be closer to one another. The same goes for a decorative parsons chair that could also be used at a desk or next to a console. They are light weight and easy to maneuver from room to room.

2.    Ottomans always work their way into a room. Whether the seating is centered around them or they are left against a wall or window, they are extremely convenient to move around and add instant seating to the space. Ottomans come in many shapes and sizes. Cubes are smaller and  hold one person. They can be placed to flank a TV unit or tucked under an open console. Bench ottomans generally provide 2 – 3 extra seats depending on their length.

3.    Floor cushions tend to work better with younger guests who don’t mind sitting lower to the ground. However, investing in a floor seat or two with durable cushion seating allows guests of several ages to give them a try. These can easily be placed under a coffee table, stacked neatly next to an accent table or leaned up against a wall, inviting guests to help themselves.


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