Winter Comfort

   Now that we’re into the New Year and Winter has shown its true colors (and temperature), let’s focus on easy ways to layer a room to create a cozy space that anybody can feel comfortable sinking into.

·        Area Rugs – One of the most obvious areas you’ll notice warmth is on the floor. Our feet notice instantly when they step onto a cold tile or material. If you have an area that doesn’t contain carpeting, an area rug is a great way to bring in not only design and color, but a plush surrounding for under your feet and a soft texture to warm the coldest of toes!

·        Decorative Throws – Stating the obvious here, but nothing adds to the cozy and relaxation factor like soft and fuzzy blankets and throws. With so many designs, colors and patterns available nowadays, it’s not hard to find ones that will coordinate with your color scheme. Gently place them over the arms of the sofa, have a couple rolled up in a basket on the floor or have them hung from a decorative hook or ladder shelf to encourage company to take them as they need them.

·        Window Treatments – While windows may not be your top priority, a lot of heat is lost, and cold air pulled in through drafty windows. A quick way to retain the heat as much as possible is to layer your windows. Having a functional, insulated shade is one of the first steps to combat the cold drafts from entering a room. They also offer numerous privacy options and functions to meet anyone’s needs. 
      Fabric draperies offer the next line of defense against the cold. As long as they are lined and pulled over the windows, they can provide a significant difference in letting heat escape. They act as a barrier and block a great deal of drafts while keeping your interior space warm. 

   How are those New Year’s resolutions coming along? Feel free to share your comments or stories with our readers on the areas you plan to change this year. We can inspire one another!


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