Spring Forward

        It’s official, spring is finally here!  Longer days, warmer temperatures and more light create an all new canvas to work with as we approach the warmer months of the year. It is always nice to go through and make a couple of changes to your home to get it ready for spring! Here are a few favorites...

v  Replace heavy blankets with light throws
o   Creates a softness while still providing texture in the room

v  Exchange pillows for bright and fun ones
o   It’s not hard to find bold prints and tones for this time of year. Have fun but be careful not to overwhelm the room. Moderation and touches of bold hues are key.

v  Incorporate colorful accessories into the space
o   Hint: play off the pillows to coordinate!

v  Include floral/plants in the room
o   This brings the outside in. Nothing says spring quite like seeing fresh flowers bloom. An area or two with flowers or plants brings a relaxing vibe. Nowadays artificial plants and flowers look closer to the real deal so if you don’t want to worry about the maintenance, there are options out there suited for everyone.

v  Trade artwork in an entry or living space for a mirror
o   This will reflect all that extra daylight coming in and make the area feel larger.
  Happy Spring!


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