Table Talk

      Nothing welcomes company and guests like a well-dressed table. There are so many options to select from to create a look that suits your style or displays a theme. Here are several options to play with. Let the table-scaping begin!

-      Tablecloth, runner or placemats – Adds instant color, pattern or texture to the table and serves as the base for layering.

-      Decorative napkins and napkin rings – These can coordinate with the tablecloth, runner or placemats. A contrasting color would generate interest and fun into the space.

-      Dishes, plates & bowls – With a variety of shapes, sizes, colors and patterns there are endless possibilities and combinations to use. Tie in with your base layer. Keep dishes in neutral colors and let the food serve as your palette. You can also select a colorful bowl or dish to offset the neutral tones. Ones with pattern are always playful!

-      Glasses – Don’t stay with a simple water glass. Vary the heights of the glasses. Exchange your everyday drinking glasses for stemless wine glasses to serve water. It takes the simple table to dressier in no time!

-      Place-cards – These can be used for dinner parties to display your creative side. Try out decorative handwriting. Incorporate your theme or time of season into the place-cards. Remember the place-card holder can be a part of the table-scape as well!

-      Center-pieces – This goes without saying. It serves as the focal point of the table. Remember to tie each layer into one another and avoid going too large or bulky for the centerpiece. You still want to be able to pass food around the table and talk with your guests!

Candles – I know you have heard the word ambiance before, but it’s important to any design. It produces a relaxing atmosphere and sets the mood for those seated around your table. Soft flickering candles (unscented is okay since you can enjoy the smells of homemade food) and lanterns provide an enjoyable visual for guests to feast their eyes on before dinner even begins.  Nothing is quite better than that! Bon Appetit!


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